Sunday, 24 January 2016

Four Cute Graduation Dresses

High school graduation is coming round the corner and everyone is busy planning for an idyllic attire. Graduation is undeniably one of the biggest and most awaited moments for both high school goers and college seniors. Though the ceremony demands for a one size gown; it is of utmost importance that you pick an outfit that will help you stand out from the crowd. If you are searching for cute graduation dresses, look no further! Here are top five graduation dresses that can keep you stunning and cool on your special day.
Dress #1 – The Simple Eyelet
The list of cute graduation dresses begins with simple circle eyelet dresses. This is a sophisticated outfit that will give you a beautiful look in photographs. When paired with a leather belt and neutral sandals, you will have the wit to make a lasting style statement.
Dress #2 – The Bold Floral
If you wish to create a bold impression on your graduation day, go for chic floral dresses. Bright and bold floral will give you an edgy look. Some of these dresses blend an unexpected pop of shades that are both unusual and cute. Paired with neutral wedges, the floral dresses can leave your dear ones amazed.
Sequined Empire Floral
Dress #3 – The Sweet Lace
To experience a sweet feel on your graduation, you should opt for a lace overlay swing dress. Over the past few decades, overlay swing dresses have become extremely famous. They look stunning with studded flats or neutral sandals. Ideal shades for lace overlay swing dresses would be rustic orange and navy blue.
Dress #4 – The Fancy Luella
A fancy and cute option for graduation dresses would be the “Luella Dress”. The dress balances trend, sexiness and formalism. You can style up the Luella Dress with bright stilettos, chic makeup and bold earrings.